Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Three More Days

Just three more days left with these guys. This morning I put them on the deck and sat down with them. All five were all over me giving me kisses, biting me and pushing each other around trying to get to the best position, which apparently is closest to my face. It was before 6:00 and I was really tired, but I still thought, "Boy, I am really going to miss them." I think their leaving will be a little harder for me this time around as this is the last litter for Tiga. There won't be another litter for me to look forward to next year. Having a litter of puppies has been a life long dream of mine and I can't thank Helping Paws enough for giving me this opportunity. All three litters with Tiga have been wonderful experiences for me and my family. How could you not love having these adorable faces greeting you every morning, no matter what time it is!

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Speak(er) said...

Great job, M family! You've raised 21 incredible pups. Thank-you for all you do for Helping Paws.