Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Puppy Blogs!

For anyone who still visits this blog looking for a quick puppy fix I have great news - there is a new puppy blog. Sheba, another Helping Paws breeding dog, has just had her first litter and you can watch these five adorable Labrador Retrievers grow up at http://shebasfirstlitter.blogspot.com.

Another blog to watch is http://faithhp.blogspot.com. Faith is the breeding dog from Tiga's first litter and a litter mate to Charlie. She has already started a blog in anticipation of her first litter, which hopefully will be soon. The blog is entitled, Tiga's Legacy - Faith. What a nice tribute and yes, it did make me cry.

Here are the latest photos of Tiga's last puppies.

Dixie (formerly Fatty Patty)

Jazzy (formerly Brenda)

Rio (formerly McHenry)

Tessa (formerly "The Peanut")

Trooper (formerly Notorious BIG)