Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mug Shots

Here are the 3 1/2 week old portraits.

"The Boys"



"The Girls"




More Cute Photos - Again

Monday, April 28, 2008

Last night the puppies had their first meal of solid food. There was no hesitation. They all just walked up to it and started eating as though they had been doing this for weeks. In Tiga's past litters there were always a few gluttons who pushed everyone out of the way and ate their share and more. Not the case this time. Everyone ate in a pretty orderly and polite fashion. Nobody was overly pushy or laid in the dish. I guess with fewer puppies that have always had more than enough to eat there just isn't the need to fight for the food.

After eating it was time to clean up . . .

. . . or help a friend clean up.

Another perk of motherhood for Tiga, she gets to clean up the left overs.

PLS desperately wanted to wash down her dinner with a little milk and just wasn't quite tall enough.

After the dinner mess was cleaned up they all crashed.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Cute Pictures

A little quiet time with mom.


The puppies like the fact that their new accommodations make it easier to interact with Charlie.

The puppies now know that their siblings are fun to play with. Wrestling matches occur all of the time now.

Poor Tori

How silly was I to think that Tori's life would be so much easier now that the whelping box was gone? I thought her days would be free to play and sleep since she would no longer have to keep a constant eye out for the squeaky thing living under the box.. Well I was wrong. She found it in the living room and even though it is now in pieces waiting to be taken back to Helping Paws, she still feels the need to keep her eye on it. I don't care what Steve says, this dog has issues!

Housing Upgrade

Big change in the whelping box! There is no more whelping box! The puppies have had a major housing improvement. We took out the whelping box and put up the fence and now they have the whole urine trap to play in. Tiga is much happier with the new accommodations. The box was getting a little cramped for her, the puppies and The Duck, Mr. Frog and Miss Pig. We have platforms on the inside and outside of the pen so Tiga can easily hop in and out. We added a few more toys and a little pink platform, which quickly became the preferred sleeping spot. The platform is part of the puppy playground equipment. If it ever warms up here (yes, it is snowing in Minnesota today) we will set up the rest of the playground toys on the deck. Thanks to everyone who entered the puppy pool. We raised enough money to buy two new playground sets.

Tiga and her babies enjoying the new roomy accommodations.

Notice how the two boys not only look alike but sleep exactly alike also.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Week (plus a few days) Portraits

The puppies have become so entertaining that instead of taking pictures of them I find myself just watching them. They have discovered each other and are starting to interact. They use their siblings as obstacles to crawl over, licking and mouthing them (no teeth yet) as they go. Puppy watching is turning into an addiction for me and I find that while they are awake it is just too hard to pull myself away. Thank goodness they still sleep most of the time.

I lost track of time and forgot to take portrait photos last Friday. Here are their two week portraits, just a few days late. The Duck was kind enough to prop them up for me.








Here are a some more photos from the last few days. Good thing Tiga only had five puppies. These guys are so big that I don't think any more could fit in at nursing time.