Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Last Day Together

No poop in the puppy pen! That is what I was greeted with on our last morning together, five smiling little faces and NO POOP! That makes it even harder to day good bye to them.

We had breakfast on the deck and played and played. Later the bathing crew showed up and we fluffed and buffed them so they would be all ready for their new foster homes. They all tolerated the bath really well but didn't like the dryer too much. Thanks to Brenda (the person, not the puppy), Catherine and Melanie for helping.

After lunch I spent some time in the yard with them. I really wanted to get a few last photos of each of them. They haven't been on grass too much and it was so fun to watch them discover the yard. I was amazed at how independent they all were, going off on their own and exploring everything. Fatty Patty hit the ground running and never stopped as you can see from her pictures. It was the perfect way to spend our last day together.

The Peanut

Fatty Patty


The Boys


Notorious B.I.G

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