Friday, March 21, 2008

The Last Snow - Hopefully

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Minnesota. The temperature reached into the 40s and the snow in our front yard melted and exposed green grass. It seemed hopeful that spring was coming at last.

This morning we woke up to snow - in total about 8" of snow. I am really hoping that this will end soon. I need it to be warm enough in 6 weeks to put the puppies out on the deck for meals and play time.

I must say though that it was one of those wonderful, heavy snows that cover the trees and make everything look clean. The dogs loved it and had a lot of fun playing in the yard.

Tiga (right) and Charlie (left). Charlie is from Tiga's first litter. He is a service dog-in-training and we are his foster home. To Tiga he is the child that just won't leave home.

If it snows much more Tiga's puppies will be dragging in the snow.

Tori is our intense, very focused hunting dog. This is Steve's description of her. I think she is a bit psychotic. She spent hours and hours last week watching the melting snow drip off our roof. Today she had a break from that activity and spent hours pointing at the falling snow. In just a few weeks she will be back on the couch watching the puppies all day, just like she did last year. This dog really needs a job.

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